February 14, 2009

Pagan Temple Guide

The Pagan Temple is really a place of ultimate evil. In spite of all the history background the NCSOFT team wrote, you'll still be amazed of what you find inside.

How you get in the Pagan Temple - get to lvl 73. Be at a lower level than 73 and you'll get pwned by the guards at the entrance. No, really, stop trying to get in when you're 70 ... I've tried a lot of mumbo jumbo and still couldn't get in except the legit way.

Mobs in Pagan are lvl 80+. How you survive them? Get a full party, support, healers. Be patient for a good party, the exp inside is great, but it's not an easy sunday farming run.

Quest you can do in Pagan's Temple: "Truth beyond the gate" (allows entry to Pagan's once) and "Through the gate once more" (this one will allow you to open the doors inside).

How to open doors in Pagan ? Use Ante-room keys to open Ante-room doors : target the doors and use the key, beware it may fail. For the Door of Darkness you must use ... (duh!) ... Keys of Darkness. Btw, you can't use the keys in silent move, so be carefull.

Drops in Pagan's Temple :Scroll of Escape to Rune, Ketra, Varka / Scroll of Mystic Empower, Windwalk / Black Treasure Chest, Anteroom Key / Key of Darkness, Lifestones lvl 76 (no - top grade), Einhasad's Holy Water, Elixir of CP (S grade).

I for one really like this area. Mobs 4x, a lot of rooms, good adena and items. Plus you can "visit" (try to kill) Triol's Boss Benom or Queen Shyeed (RB). Good luck ! ^^

Check out this nice Pagan's Temple Wallpaper.

June 2, 2008

Beginner tips

Try not to use the gatekeeper very often. Run out to your hunting areas or to different towns utilizing SOE shortcuts. The gatekeeper will suck away all your adena fast.

Keep any raw crafting materials you get as drops or by seeding in your warehouse and don't sell them to the NPC store. You can use these later to craft equipment for yourself or to get adena by selling them to other players in Giran. Other players will buy them for more than the NPC store will give you for them. An example of raw crafting materials are thread, stems, animal bones, mithril ore etc.

A fresh start

You will start your adventures as a fighter or a magic-casting mystic class. That's until level 20. Generally, starting towns are pretty empty of players and sometimes boring.

This can be good or bad, depending on your point of view. On one hand, fighting solo until 20 is a pretty efficient way for you to level swiftly. On the other hand, there is no one readily available to talk to, ask questions or get help from if needed.

Move on from your starting area as soon as you're around lvl 20, no point in staying around for more.Once you complete your first class change, you will be moving to "D grade" areas. In these towns you will start to see people, get to interact and the game will take on an entirely different spin.

Until then, concentrate on learning the game interface etc. I suggest talking to the in-game Newbie Guides located in each starting village. These NPCs will direct you with advice and also give you bonuses.Do some quests to earn adena (money) and items as well. Alot of the newbie quests are repeatable so do them over and over. You will get tokens to transfer to other races starter towns for free. Talk to the Newbie Guide in town to use them and do quests there as well.

May 24, 2008

Beginners: FAQ. Colored mob names

Frequently Asked Questions. Yeah, we need them too.

Short insight on the color of mob names.

Dark blue is far below your level. They don't give enough exp, money or drops. Just mind you bussiness and avoid them on your farming run.
Light Blue are sometimes good. But generally... well just avoid them too.
Green mobs are around your lvl. They are best for farming.
White mobs are within your level range.
Yellow is a bit above your level but you should be able to kill it.
Pink is quite a bit higher than your level,drops are lower and exp is not so great considering the effort invested.
Red means you are probably in danger of dying if you try and solo this mob. Better to stay away.

March 30, 2008

Daggers backstab each other

Dagger classes are probably the most discussed in the game. And they should be. They have a deadly potential if played good. Your choices are very simple - Plain Walker, Abyss Walker and Treasure Hunter.

The real deal comes in the high end levels, 79 and 80. The different races impose their unique characteristics on the dagger class. To make it simple, they all try to find the opponent's back and stab him or run when they are taken in target.

The complicated part is that leaving the play style aside, everybody argues their dagger is the best. AW and PW will say that focus death and the improved speed gives them the edge. TH on the other hand comes with mirage, and it's probably the class that can outlive the others because of it's versatility.

My opinion : PW mostly hits like a girl, but it's fun to play. AW is deadly but dies fast. TH is the most versatile and my personal favourite.

March 3, 2008

Eat my arrow!

Archers have been very popular since Chronicle 1. They pretty much pwned everything back then. Why? Well because they have the advantage of ranged attack and they can hit hard with full buffs. As Lineage 2 moved through it’s updates, archers got nerfed big time. Resist arrow skills were given to some classes and their crit attack power dropped. As an archer you mostly rely on your critical hits to get a kill. You’ll find youself sweating in the middle of a mass PvP praying for that one hit one kill critical hit.

Archers can be human, elfs, dark elfs or kamael. The Kamael arbalester is a class of it’s own, so I’ll make a short comparison between the other. All archers basicly have the same set of skills to rely on, however the differences between them make on or another become godlike in some situations. The human Hawkeye (Sagittarius on 3rd proffesion) has a good all around presence on the battle field, and has a few party support skills like counter dash – which gives dash to all party members when the archer is hit. One of his best skills is Snipe, but I personally think this is a suicide skill most of the time as he cannot run for 2 minutes (omg!). The elf Silver Ranger (Moonlight Sentinel) has a small attack speed boost over the Haweye, more critical chance, evasion and running speed. The problem is that when facing a situation when he cannot run he will get in trouble as he strongly relies on kiteing. The Dark Elf is the godfather of all crits! Despite the fact he has low HP, he will just put a hole in you when he crits. This is what makes him one of the best archers out there in the Kamael update. His Dead Eye skill will really make you fear him…